New Video Out Now – “Anthem for the Millenials!”

Check out our new music video for “Anthem for the Millenials,” a drum-fueled rock song about how capitalist America is failing its artists. Listen to the full EP on Bandcamp.

“We artists – all of us – are being held hostage by systems that don’t work, that hurt us. Equalize your frequencies… let the sound of nature give you balance.” ~Zap Mama

Tune into nature. Tap into creativity.

Speak out. Disrupt.


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THIS Sat, Sept 9th, The BPRS & Sunshine Nights @ Sidewalk Cafe!

The BPRS will unite once again with Americana folk rock band Sunshine Nights THIS Saturday, Sept 9th at Sidewalk Cafe. Sunshine hits the stage at 9 pm, us at 10. No cover, $5 suggested donation, DJ after.

We are pissed about Trump’s DACA decision and all this blatant white supremacy and hurricanes and climate change and when we get mad, we make music. We are so looking forward to playing for y’all this weekend, to let out some of what’s churning inside of us and to also spread out some good, creative vibes. See you there.

BPRS&SunshineNights 9:9:17 Poster

#DefendDACA #HereToStay #Resist