“North Star Steady,” Explained

“North Star Steady” is a love song that Becky wrote during a bout of insomnia, purposefully set to a minimalist keyboard line so that she could focus more on the vocals. This worked live, but when listening in the studio, the song felt incomplete. As Dave, Becky, and recording engineer Salmak Khaledi ate pizza and listened to the take for the third time, Salmak suddenly leapt up and ran over to the Moog. Within minutes, he was playing a killer groove that had all of us dancing. We recorded it then and there. 

The “magic of the studio” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but it’s SO TRUE. Salmak breathed new life into these songs, not just through his bass line but through all of his production choices and mixing edits. We can’t wait to visit Magnetic Pink Studios again!

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