Who is The BPRS?

The Brooklyn Players Reading Society explores the intersection of literature, social justice, and rock-n-roll, channeling poet-songwriters Lou Reed, Tom Waits, and Laurie Anderson while also hearkening the pop/rock vibe of bands like The Talking Heads and Morphine. They enjoy blending experimental song structures with catchy riffs, all while keeping storytelling at the forefront. They also host events supporting artists of all genres.

BandcampThe BPRS
Instagram: @TheBPRS
YouTube: The Brooklyn Players Reading Society

Full Bio
As a singer, writer, keyboardist, and saxophonist, Becky Fine-Firesheets blends upbeat melodies with stylized spoken word taken from original fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, then sets them to spooky yet still catchy organ riffs. She knew as a six-year-old when she wrote her first story about a Liquid Prince who brought dead girls back to life that she wanted to be a writer. Having already started piano lessons, she continued on both routes and now finds great pleasure in adding music to her words.

David Fine-Firesheets mixes various styles of traditional drumming with experimental ideas and new sounds. His 20+ years behind a set have taught him how to rage the punk, chill out with the funk, then break all the rules while still keeping everything rooted. He only misses a beat when he means to (at least he makes it seem this way).

Experimental? Pop rock? Art rock? Avant garde? Whatever you want to label it, The Brooklyn Players Reading Society is psyched to be playing it.

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